Tonda Flooring

Frequently Asked Questions

Look First
When your flooring arrives, before it gets installed, inspect it. Your installer does not know if the carpet, wood, laminate or vinyl is what you ordered. If it doesn’t look right, call us to confirm that it IS right before it is installed. Many manufacturers won’t pay the labor cost to take out the wrong material if you let it be installed. You are more than welcome to come to the store when your flooring arrives and take a look at it. Once in a very great while we will receive a carpet that is “lightweight” – which is to say it was not made to the manufacturer’s own specifications. It looks right, but it sure doesn’t feel right. Better safe than sorry.

How Much Flooring Do I Need?
How much do you need to buy? In the case of most rigid forms of flooring (laminate, hardwood, and vinyl or ceramic tile or plank), the rule of thumb is to order at least 10% more than the area measures. When installing “square,” the room may be slightly out of square, or will be just slightly too narrow to fit another whole row of material, or you need to fit around some features. When installing on a diagonal or “diamond,” you will need more on the order of 15% over the measure, and in some rare cases we have needed to order up to 25% over. Any material left over should be kept by you so you have the ability to make repairs in the future.  You also need to remember that the product comes in cartons, with a set number of square feet per box, and this will set your actual price, not just the square footage of the space.

Porcelain is Ceramic
Porcelain and Ceramic – do you know the difference? All porcelain tile is ceramic, but not all ceramic is porcelain. There is “Porcelain” and “Non-Porcelain” ceramic tile. Porcelain is denser and harder than non-porcelain ceramic tiles. This makes porcelain heavier than regular ceramic, so it takes a different adhesive to mount it to a wall. You can use either type indoors, but outdoors (or anywhere freezing temperatures may occur) you have to use porcelain ceramic tile.

Shopping Online or In Store?